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Cat Scare

The term "cat scare" refers to the horror trope in which tension builds towards a loud, sudden "scare" moment, only to be let off by the sudden appearance of something non-threatening (oftentimes a cat).

Length: 2 minutes.

Released: October 31, 2014.


The Whiteness of the Whale

Lasers, explosions, fighter planes. At Blue Dragon Studios, we find our literary discussions follow a predictable trajectory...

Length: 2 minutes.

Released: October 16, 2014.


The Legend of Stamp Jackson

High adventure in the old west! When a renowned outlaw guns down her family, a young woman enlists the aid of a hotshot gunman to claim her revenge. Will their combined efforts stop the prolific murderer? Or will their corpses simply add to the mounting legend of Stamp Jackson?

Length: 15 minutes.

Released: October 5, 2014.


Horsing Around: Making The Legend of Stamp Jackson

When producing a sprawling Western on a shoestring budget, it's important to maintain an atmosphere of professionalism at all times. No one embodies this philosophy quite like Blue Dragon Studios. When it comes time to making movies, we don't mess around. No sir, not at all. Horseplay of any kind is strictly verboten.

Length: 12 minutes.

Released: October 5, 2014.


Blue Dragon Studios Studio Tour

Veteran actress Alli Dayhuff leads a special, guided tour of Blue Dragon Studios.

Length: 2 minutes.

Released: August 25, 2014.


Brody's Six-Shooter Bottle Trick

The seven year-old shooting savant Brody shows off his skills.

Length: 1 minute.

Released: July 15, 1014.



A group of friends discuss the relative merits of fireworks.

Length: 2 minutes.

Released: June 25, 2014.


Night After Night

A vampire struggles with the day-to-day of living forever.

Length: 10 minutes.

Released: October 31, 2013.


Plus One

When you take a Blue Dragon Studios movie and strip it of guns, robots, and lasers, what do you have left? Plus One! In this comedic character study, a young man's relationship is tested by an obstacle more terrifying than any other: the heinous, horrible wine and cheese party.

Length: 12 minutes.

Released: June 17, 2013.



In this slick, flashy, sci-fi actioner, two highly trained espionage agents investigate mysterious technology giant ProtoGeni. As they delve deeper into the labyrinthine complex, the intrigue and mistrust crescendo into deadly gunplay.

In terms of production value, Prototype is very likely Blue Dragon Studios' crowning achievement. Dim the lights, hit fullscreen, and enjoy!

Length: 18 minutes.

Released: January 30, 2013.


Prototype: Where do 8 months go?

A project like Prototype represents a mammoth undertaking for a production company of Blue Dragon Studios' limited means. See how it all came together in this behind-the-scenes documentary.

Length: 11 minutes.

Released: January 30, 2013.