In this slick, flashy, sci-fi actioner, two highly trained espionage agents are sent to investigate mysterious technology giant ProtoGeni. As they delve deeper into the labyrinthine complex, intrigue, mistrust, and gunplay reign. In terms of production value, Prototype is very likely Blue Dragon Studios' crowning achievement. Dim the lights, hit fullscreen, and enjoy! (2013, 18 min.)


Agent Andra.


Agent Bran.

Henchmen open fire.

Prototype: Where do 8 months go?

A project like Prototype is a mammoth undertaking for a production company of Blue Dragon Studios' means. See how it all came together in this behind-the-scenes documentary. (2013, 11 minutes.)

Prototype conversation

Ben (director) and ROBO (robot) talk about doing special effects to the point of insanity.

BEN: Phew. This one was tough.

ROBO: I enjoyed watching you struggle.

BEN: There are over two hundred visual effects shots in this movie. Two hundred! Those are Hollywood numbers! It took me almost a year to finish this eighteen minute project.

ROBO: With my computational prowess, I could have performed the same feat in an instant.

BEN: Yeah, so you say.

ROBO: Instead, I opted to gather valuable data for the good of robotkind.

BEN: You wanted to know what it was like to slowly go insane?

ROBO: Partially. Primarily, we were interested in amusing ourselves at your inefficiency.

BEN: I think this movie is pretty fantastic, but I don't think I'll ever produce a VFX opus of this magnitude again. It's too taxing. Life is too short to work at a pace of two minutes a month.

ROBO: Tell me, human, what is it like having the worst of both worlds?

BEN: What do you mean?

ROBO: Your computational capacities are primitive, and your frailty gives you a remarkably short span in which to harness them.

BEN: I'm glad you find the human condition so amusing.