Many brave adventurers have met their ends in the wasteland below. Peruse at your peril, or retreat to safety.

Tragedy of the Blue Dragon

BEN: The Blue Dragon has wandered for ages. Yet, no matter where he turns, the legendary swordsman cannot outrun his past. Where he treads, doom follows. Retreating from his native land, The Blue Dragon now heads west...

Length: 6 minutes.

Released: January 19, 2010.


Chronicles of the Blue Dragon

BEN: The film that was lost is found! We're all familiar with my ancestor Benji Yakishita, the legendary Japansese film-maker. His magnum opus, Chronicles of the Blue Dragon, was deemed lost for years until Dutch archaeologists unearthed a working film print. As his last living relative, I was entrusted with custody of the film, which I completed to the best of my ability.

Length: 14 minutes.

Released: December 4, 2009.


I Totally Talked to Her

KEVIN: Two skittish youths agonize over the prospect of manning up and talking to a hot chick.

BEN: Man, I love this movie. It's probably my favorite of my "old school" films. We originally developed it as an audition film for the actress (Rebecca). The idea was to see her act in something before offering her a role in the Nine Minute Love Song feature.

KEVIN: ...but then this little movie ended up being better than the behemoth feature it was meant to prepare us for.

BEN: Yeah. A lot of times, you do your best work when you aren't thinking about it too much.

Length: 5 minutes.

Released: July 15, 2008.


The Eloquence of Silence

BEN: One of our first stabs at an art picture, The Eloquence of Silence premiered in front of 12 Gauge Sonata at that film's 2008 launch event.

Length: 1 minute.

Released: January 6, 2008.


12 Gauge Sonata

BEN: A pair of dangerous adversaries race towards an elusive money cache, all the while stalked by a remorseless killer.

KEVIN: a gorilla suit.

Length: 21 minutes.

Released: February 1, 2008.


Little Jessi's Revenge

BEN: An eighteen year-old girl hires a documentary crew to record her movements as she seeks revenge for the brother she lost in a drunk driving accident.

Length: 17 minutes.

Released: July 18, 2007.


Nine Minute Love Song

KEVIN: Holy shit, girls!

BEN: Believe it! The greatest accomplishment of my college career, Nine Minute Love Song was a massive leap forward for Blue Dragon Studios.

KEVIN: I think we had an actual budget. A first.

BEN: And we added talent from outside our friend circle (namely Jessica, who remains with us to this day).

KEVIN: There was a mini-team preparing practical effects pretty much the whole time.

BEN: Yeah, the cast and crew were basically sequestered at the location. As prisoners in the boonies, they had nothing better to do than work on the movie.

KEVIN: Everybody loved the movie when it was finished. Whenever someone new came to visit us in college, I think we made them watch it.

BEN: I think it went to my head. After graduating, we made a feature film based on the Nine Minute Love Song premise.

KEVIN: Which put me on imdb!

BEN: Darn tootin!

Length: 26 minutes.

Released: June 3, 2007.


A Man in Black 2

BEN: This trailer for the fictional sequel to the Blue Dragon Studios classic A Man in Black premiered in front of Nine Minute Love Song at that film's blowout launch party.

Length: 1 minute.

Released: June 3, 2007.


Cooking With Us

BEN: While hosting an episode of their beloved cooking show, John and Alex receive a surprise visit from an old acquaintance. What happens next is cooking show history.

Cooking With Us is the first Blue Dragon Studios movie shot with the mighty Canon XL-1.

Length: 5 minutes.

Released: April 23, 2007.



BEN: Ah, the sweet smell of success.

KEVIN: This movie has more views than every other Blue Dragon Studios movie combined. Why?

BEN: There are zombies in it.

Length: 10 minutes.

Released: November 12, 2006.


The Horrible Suburban Sofa Murders of '96

BEN: A vicious murderer stalks the suburbs. (If you find yourself in an earlier Blue Dragon Studios picture, you really shouldn't leave the couch. Bad things tend to happen.)

Length: 7 minutes.

Released: June 25, 2006.


A Man in Black

BEN: A landmark film in Blue Dragon Studios history, A Man in Black tells the story of the Crawshaw Brothers, two small-time grifters whose work brings them into contact with a dangerous hitman.

KEVIN: The ceilings in my childhood home are still stained with fake blood from this shoot.

BEN: A Man in Black is the first of our movies to feature practical effects. It's also one of the first to feature multiple shooting locations and be filmed over a protracted schedule. These seem like small things now, but at the time, they felt big.

Length: 10 minutes.

Released: May 25, 2006.


Wang-Jitzu: A Silent Film

BEN: In this silent film, two friends hurl profanity-laced trash talk at each other over a Super Smash Bros. contest.

Length: 6 minutes.

Released: December 28, 2005.


Brueter vs. Chargrock

BEN: A fast-paced, epic, thrill ride of a duel between Brueter (level 60 Orc Rogue) and Chargrock (level 60 Tauren Warrior).

Length: 1 minute.

Released: October, 2005.


Armchair Adventures

BEN: A pair of LEGO men debate the pros and cons of leaving the house. Situating two slackers on a couch was a popular motif in the Blue Dragon Studios pictures of yesteryear.

KEVIN: Such were (and still are, in some cases) the limits of our imaginations.

Length: 2 minutes.

Released: December 21, 2004.



BEN: There were prior films, but Reminiscence is the earliest Blue Dragon Studios movie deemed remotely watchable. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Length: 5 minutes.

Released: September 25, 2003.