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Epoch: The Rebel

In the near future, nations have ceded all governing power to corporations. Human beings have become largely obsolete, as artificial intelligence makes all major (and most minor) decisions on their behalf. At birth, a small device is embedded into the palm of every child's right hand.

These developments have led to world peace, the eradication of crime, and increased global happiness. (6 minutes.)

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Veteran actress Alli Dayhuff hosts a special, exclusive tour of Blue Dragon Studios' state-of-the-art production facilities.

What is Blue Dragon Studios?

Looking for the risque, incisive, avant-garde edge long associated with independent cinema? Well, then you should probably keep searching. Come back when you're ready to lean back and have some fun! Scattered across these pages are scores of high-energy, story-driven short films. Projects range from futuristic, sci-fi actioners to silly, robot-driven sex comedies (with everything in between). Kick off your shoes! Take a look around. In fact, why not start by touring our professional, state-of-the-art production facilities? We couldn't prepare a more informative shortcut to understanding the Blue Dragon Studios experience if we tried! 

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