California Dreamin'

Greetings, reader!

If you know anything about me, you know that I have an intense passion for art and creativity, namely film-making. I spend most of my time working on, thinking about working on, or talking about working on my personal video projects, and every job I’ve had since college has directly involved video production. As the years have passed, my love of cinema has continued to grow, and I do not think this trend will ever stop. And so, after much careful thought and consideration, I have decided to throw caution to the wind and follow my dreams.

In early December I will move from Ohio to Los Angeles.

I plan to do this for an opportunity to pursue my passion at the highest level. I’ve never had a shortage of creative ideas, and I have a diverse set of technical film-making skills. Moreover, my current job has allowed me to build up considerable knowledge and experience in the fields of sales, marketing, and business. I don’t know what my life in California will look like, but I believe I am as well-equipped to find success out there as I will ever be (and better equipped than I’ve ever been before).

I will miss the life I’ve built in Ohio, and many of the connections I’ve made in my home state. However, the “what-if” of California has hung over my head for my entire adult life, looming as an obstacle in countless relationships and preventing me from achieving many life goals (such as buying a house). Making this move is something I have to do. So, I’m doing it! 

I don’t plan to uproot my life and drive 2,000+ miles with a screaming cat to fail. No one knows what the future holds, but as of now, I have no plans to return to Ohio on a permanent basis. My family, friends, and job (my company has graciously allowed me to continue working in my current role on a remote basis) will have me making frequent visits back to the state, but starting in December, for most intents and purposes, I will be a Californian.

For those of you who have supported my film-making and believed in my dream, thank you very, very much.