Benjamin Yackshaw Online Portfolio

Hello, future employer! Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolio. On this page you’ll discover a selection of my personal video work and professional video/marketing work. There’s a lot of material here, so feel free to skip around and hone in on the items most relevant to the position you’re looking to fill. Beside each entry I’ve provided a short description and spelled out my contribution. If you have any questions about anything or feel the need to get in touch, drop me a line at or call 614-517-4660. This page is hosted on my personal movie website, so feel free to snoop around once you've taken in everything below. Enjoy the show!


Benjamin Yackshaw Video Reel

Reel - Don't have time to look through everything? Watch this first! This reel shows off some of my finest film work to date.

My contribution: Everything! While the reel is designed to highlight my visual effects prowess, I wrote, directed, produced, edited, and shot every single moment showcased.


Black Ann

Short Film - In this 17 minute pirate adventure short, high-seas buccaneers "Black" Ann Smith and "Lord" Matthew Jakse vie for control of a volatile pirate crew.

My contribution: I wrote, directed, produced, edited, shot, acted in, scored, and created visual effects for "Black Ann." For more info on how the sausage was made, check out the associated making-of video.


Smart Service TV

Infomercial - Smart Service is the flagship software product of my current company, My Service Depot. To sell Smart Service, our team of dedicated sales reps perform live, online demonstrations for prospective customers. Each demo is personalized and can last well over an hour. To help streamline the sales process, I created a half hour video program to explain the features, benefits, and advantages of Smart Service. I also helped create the webpage to host the program and came up with the idea of the player menu that lets viewers skip between sections.

My contribution: I am the sole writer, director, producer, editor, cinematographer, and visual effects artists responsible for Smart Service TV. I also collaborated on much of the music and lend my acting abilities in several spots.


Smart Service Company Websites

Websites - The Smart Service family of websites (Smart Service, iFleet, Routzy) drives millions of dollars in sales every year. When I started at My Service Depot, it fell to me to overhaul each of these sites from the ground up to build them into what they are today.

My contribution: I wrote all of the words and took all of the pictures. I also planned all the content (which/what pages to include) and directed a graphic designer and web designer to complete the website. I created a few rough page mockups in Photoshop, but my team was responsible for the bulk of the technical work. Throughout the creative process, SEO considerations stood front and center.


HTML Emails

Marketing Emails - By and large, marketing emails make up the lifeblood of my current company. Every day, our system sends thousands of emails out into space, driving a good deal of traffic to our websites. I determine the content and delivery of these all-important messages. 

My contribution: I planned and wrote all of the content and took all of the pictures. I then directed our graphic designer and web designer to complete the emails and ready them for deployment.

You can view our complete series of HVAC emails below:

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Email 4

Email 5


Print Material

PDF's, Print Ads, and Tradeshow Displays (click to enlarge) - Most of my current work involves online marketing, but we still do a fair bit of traditional print marketing. Click this link to open one of our multi-page PDF's.

My contribution: I wrote everything, took all the pictures, and directed our graphic designer to complete each project.



Infographics - I developed several infographics as part of My Service Depot's content marketing efforts.

My contribution: I researched all of the statistics, did some basic math, and wrote the content. Once finished, I directed our graphic designer's work until the project's completion.



Photography (click to enlarge) - I'm a video guy first and a writer second, but when my duties call for some still photography, I'm willing to wear that hat as well.

My contribution: I took all of the photos in the assembled gallery, most of them for Smart Service, software that we market to HVAC, plumbing, electrician, landscaping, and other field service professionals.


Capterra Guest Blog

Writing - Writing assignments consume a good deal of my time at My Service Depot. In addition to all ad copy, I wrote every word on the company websites and occasionally contribute guest blogs to various external sites as part of our content marketing efforts. This example was posted on Capterra, the place to get backlinks from for everything related to field service.

My contribution: I wrote the piece!



Personal Writings - I get paid to write nearly every day at the office, but on those rare occasions that I don't put pen to paper, it's a safe bet I'm writing at home. In addition to the 80 short films I've written and produced, I've penned four feature scripts and the occasional blog article. The image here will take you to a blog post on this site that chronicles my musings from my recent trip to Alaska.

My contribution: I wrote every word! Don't forget to watch the video!