"Robot and human review" casting call!



Greetings actors! If you're reading this page, you're probably interested in learning more about Blue Dragon Studios' latest acting opportunity: the first episode of a web series called Robot and Human Review. In each installment of this series, a robot and a human review a famous creative work, offering humorous criticism reflecting their unique perspectives.

A robot, huh? How do you expect to pull that off? Well, as it happens, we already did! Years ago, we built a robot for a short film. Since then, the robot has appeared in numerous other Blue Dragon Studios projects. Now, he's getting his own show. You can check out the robot in his debut performance below:

The first episode of Robot and Human Review will focus on the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. It is tentatively scheduled to shoot in July and/or August of this year. While much of the script features the hosts (the titular robot and human) sitting together and talking, we plan to supplement this material with vignettes and skits based on the play itself. Accordingly, these are the characters we’re looking to cast:

 1. Romeo - Romeo is a passionate, eager, handsome young man with a propensity for falling hopelessly in love. Ruled by emotion and generally unburdened by logic and planning, Romeo truly flies by the seat of his pants and lives in the moment. During the course of the play, Romeo grows helplessly infatuated with Juliet, the daughter of his family’s rival.

2. Juliet - Juliet is a passionate, hopeful, beautiful young woman with a world of possibility in front of her. Naive about romance but infatuated with its allure, Juliet makes a perfect, willing recipient of Romeo’s affection. During the course of the play, Juliet falls for him headlong, despite the well-established discord between their families.

In casting these roles, we will look for intensity, passion, and the ability to deftly navigate Shakespearean dialog. Actors of any racial background will be considered in this interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, but we will most likely skew young (in the 18-25 range) with our final selections of talent.

Our shooting locations are scattered throughout Columbus. The shoot is non-union. Actors will be paid $100 a day. Ultimately, this movie will end up on youtube and on this very website.

Interested talent should forward their acting resume, headshot, and links to any previous film projects to this address: bluedragonfilms@gmail.com



Blue Dragon Studios has manufactured short films from Columbus, Ohio at a prolific clip for over ten years. All told, over 80 projects have passed through our doors. Most of these you'll find scattered across the pages of this very website (start here!). 

Stylistically, our current project (Robot and Human Review: Romeo and Juliet) will very closely resemble the various behind-the-scenes videos we've produced for some of our bigger projects. These making-of "documentaries" even star the same robot and human hosts as Robot and Human Review will! If you have some time on your hands, you can check out this work below: