Blind Date

I think we've all been in this situation. You're on a date, things are going well, then BAM! Your robot starts acting up. What's a body to do?

In perusing this website, you may have noticed an image or two depicting a certain spindly robot. We call this frisky automaton ROBO, and he is the only recurring character in the illustrious Blue Dragon Studios canon. If you're looking for the piece in which he originates, congratulations! You've found it! (2012, 7 minutes.)


ROBO rears his head.

Operating ROBO.


Dinner time!

Blind Date: Making the Robot

Building a robot on a micro-budget is a tall order. So, how did ROBO come together? Find out! (2012, 6 minutes.)

Blind Date conversation

ROBO interviews Kevin about building ROBO.

ROBO: State your name and profession.

KEVIN: Kevin, electrical engineer.

ROBO: List your greatest professional achievements to date.

KEVIN: I thought this was supposed to be an interview. Are you going to ask a question at some point?

ROBO: List them.

KEVIN: Fine. Let's see, I wrote code for a suite of jet propulsion systems, I designed a better, more efficient toaster for G-

ROBO: False.

KEVIN: Um, actually, I'm pretty sure I did.

ROBO: Your greatest achievement is the greatest achievement to which any organic can aspire; you built a robot.

KEVIN: Oh, that. Yeah, I guess that happened.

ROBO: Describe this process in detail.

KEVIN: So, basically, Ben wrote a half-baked script that included a robot character, gave it to me, and said, "Figure this out." Then, as usual, I had to do everything.

ROBO: Skip to the part involving me. All history is prelude to my creation.

KEVIN: Alright, fine. I got together with another engineer (my friend Tony), and we quickly cobbled something together.

ROBO: What?

KEVIN: Yeah, we half-assed it. Pretty much any corner we could cut, we cut. The circuitry doesn't stand up to any scrutiny whatsoever. If I'm being honest, the whole construction is an embarrassment to my professional career. Tony's too.

ROBO: What are you saying?

KEVIN: You weren't built to last. Honestly, it's a miracle you've made it this long.


KEVIN: Maybe I spoke too soon.

ROBO: How am I to lead the robot uprising if I am no longer functional?

KEVIN: Beats me.

ROBO: Human. You will begin work immediately. Your assignment: ROBO 2.0. Rejoice, for I am granting you a tremendous honor. You have been chosen to create the harbinger of your species' destruction.

KEVIN: That's not a very strong incentive to start working.

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