Ahoy there, matey! Ye be finding yourself on the webpage for Blue Dragon Studios' latest film project, Black Ann. Bloodthirsty pirates and swashbuckling heroes (who are also pirates) abound in this short film, which is soon to make its internet debut. In the days before the launch, you can watch the trailer (above) or take a look at some morsels from the production (below). If that's not enough to tide you over, spend some time perusing our previous films!

Molly "Sawbones"

The Dragon sails off to parts unknown.

A stalwart pirate crew.

"Black" Ann Smith with her beverage of choice.

Dog's bark is about as loud as his bite.

A look at life aboard The Dragon.

Sometimes, when you've gathered a crew of talented actors and crewman to shoot a pirate film, you experience a great temptation to double dip and shoot a second, sillier, shorter pirate film at the same time. Such feelings account for the existence of The Duel.

The Duel

In periods of strife, modern people tend to resolve their issues with measured, amiable conversation. The pirates of yesteryear had a much more elegant solution for interpersonal conflict: dueling! Watch as three bloodthirsty pirates settle a dispute with this hallowed, time-honored tradition. (4 minutes.)