Ahoy there! Be ye in the mood for a thrilling, high seas pirate adventure? Well, ya came to the right place! Sabers clash and powder burns in this blood soaked tale of treachery 'n connivance. Watch as the legendary swashbucklers "Black" Ann Smith and "Lord" Matthew Jaske vie for control of a volatile pirate crew. (2016, 17 minutes.)



Out to Sea: Making Black Ann

Life in the 2010's brings with it a startling paucity of fully-rigged pirate ships. This begs the question; how did a fledgling movie outfit in landlocked Columbus, Ohio get their hands on one? Find out in this behind-the-scenes documentary that chronicles the making of everyone's favorite low-budget pirate movie! (2016, 9 minutes.)


The Duel

When one gathers a team of talented actors and crewmen to shoot a pirate film, one often experiences a great temptation to double dip and shoot a second, sillier, pirate film at the same time. Such feelings account for the existence of The Duel, a movie about pirates and... a duel. (2015, 4 minutes.)