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Epoch: The Rebel

BEN: In the near future, nations have ceded all governing power to corporations. Human beings have become largely obsolete, as artificial intelligence makes all major (and most minor) decisions on their behalf. At birth, a small device is embedded into the palm of every child's right hand.

These developments have led to world peace, the eradication of crime, and increased global happiness.

Length: 6 minutes.

Released: April 22, 2019.



BEN: One man attempts to navigate the perilous world of online dating.

Length: 6 minutes.

Released: February 11, 2019.



BEN: At tech giant Teknoblu, high-powered sisters Cordula and Alexis vie for control of a sprawling corporate empire. Lies and mistrust simmer. Would-be assassins lurk around every corner. And one shot changes everything...

ROBO: Montana Smith and the Raw Dog Gang was originally created for the 2018 Columbus 48 Hour Film Project.

Length: 6 minutes.

Released: August 16, 2018.


Robot and Human Review: Romeo and Juliet

BEN: I always wondered what robots thought of famous works of art. So, I asked one! In the first episode of what will became on ongoing series, ROBO and I reviewed the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet

ROBO: Robots view all human endeavors (with the notable exception of robotics) as frivolous wastes of time and resources. I hold little hope for the future of this series.

Length: 10 minutes.

Released: February 20, 2018.


Montana Smith and the Raw Dog Gang

BEN: Wanted in ten states and four territories for crimes beyond counting, Montana Smith and his gutsy Raw Dog Gang have made a name for themselves throughout the wild west. But, what are they like... as people? That's the question this documentary attempts to answer.

ROBO: Montana Smith and the Raw Dog Gang was originally created for the 2017 Columbus 48 Hour Film Project. 

Length: 9 minutes.

Released: August 11, 2017.


Mercy (Halloween Music Video)

BEN: After a pitched battle with savage barbarians, a noble knight receives a visit from a mysterious woman. Meanwhile, a great lord prowls the countryside for an elusive quarry.

ROBO: The music video Mercy represents Blue Dragon Studios' fifth consecutive Halloween movie. Even I must concede that for an inherently unreliable cadre of organic artists, this streak represents a notable achievement. This video features the song "Mercy," which was written by Kae Furious and backed with music composed by Rein Shope

Length: 4 minutes.

Released: October 31, 2016.


The Adventures of Sir Fireheart

BEN: In this swashbuckling adventure serial, the fair Princess Aurelia asks her most loyal knight, Sir Fireheart, to quest for and retrieve the fabled Scepter of the Gods. Along the way, Fireheart (and his trusty squire Vincent) encounter an endless series of deadly adversaries, including the vile witch Halitosha the Wicked and her devious minion Bopkins.

ROBO: The Adventures of Sir Fireheart was originally created as part of the 2016 Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project.

Length: 7 minutes.

Released: July 11, 2016.


Black Ann

BEN: Ahoy there! Be ye in the mood for a thrilling, high seas pirate adventure? Well, ya came to the right place! Sabers clash and powder burns in this blood soaked tale of treachery 'n connivance. Watch as the legendary swashbucklers "Black" Ann Smith and "Lord" Matthew Jaske vie for control of a volatile pirate crew.

If'n ye finish, ye might consider clickin' here to find out more about the project.

Length: 17 minutes.

Released: June 14, 2016.


Out to Sea: Making Black Ann

BEN: Life in the 2010's brings with it a startling paucity of fully-rigged pirate ships. This begs the question; how did a fledgling movie outfit in landlocked Columbus, Ohio get their hands on one? Find out in this behind-the-scenes documentary that chronicles the making of everyone's favorite low-budget pirate movie!

Length: 9 minutes.

Released: June 14, 2016.


Twas The Night Before Christmas in America

BEN: Merry Christmas, internets!

Length: 1 minute.

Released: December 22, 2015.


And Then There Was One

BEN: The last person on Earth updates her blog for Halloween. And Then There Was One is the fourth movie Blue Dragon Studios has released on Halloween night in as many years.

ROBO: I am amused at your notion of a horror film. Clearly, nothing terrifies you more than the idea of uploading a YouTube video that receives zero views.

Length: 4 minutes.

Released: October 31, 2015.


The Duel

BEN: In periods of strife, modern people tend to resolve their issues with measured, amiable conversation. The pirates of yesteryear had a much more elegant solution for interpersonal conflict: dueling! Watch as three bloodthirsty pirates settle a dispute with this hallowed, time-honored tradition.

Length: 4 minutes.

Released: August 13, 2015.


Hobbes: Vicious Attack Cat

BEN: Ancient cultures told stories of a savage, indomitable creature, feline in appearance, and deadly in manner. Long dismissed as fable, recent events have given credence to these legends. Even the most skeptical scientists agree; the kitten known as Hobbes is the mythical Vicious Attack Cat.

Length: 2 minutes.

Released: June 30, 2015.


A Day at the Office

BEN: Even secret agents get the blues! Follow undercover spy Johnson as he struggles through a typical day on the job. Dispatched to terminate a terrorist threat, Johnson's obstacles resemble those of any working man: overbearing managers, irksome coworkers, unpaid overtime, and, you know, the occasional gun-toting militant.

Length: 5 minutes.

Released: April 7, 2015.