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BEN: Cyclops, Gambit, and Wolverine talk about sex.

Length: 4 minutes.

Released: December 1, 2011.


Clone War

BEN: When you have three clones, you occasionally have to make some difficult decisions...

Length: 4 minutes.

Released: November 1, 2011.


Incomparable Man

Commentary track (recorded April 11, 2014).

BEN: The dreaded, villainous Grim Sweeper holds an entire city hostage. Incomparable Man and his nebbish, diminutive subordinate Simmons are the only ones standing in his way. Will their combined efforts be enough to stop the deranged menace?

KEVIN: "Nebbish?" I don't think that's fair. "Debonair" seems a more apt descriptor.

Length: 4 minutes.

Released: October 2, 2011.


Pen, Paper, and Six in the Chamber

Commentary track (recorded April 11, 2014).

BEN: At the height of prohibition, an honest schmuck and his girlfriend travel across town to drop off a routine protection payment.

Pen, Paper, and Six in the Chamber was filmed at the Neil House Brewery thanks to Patrick Kelleher, a man you'd might call a founding member of Blue Dragon Studios.

Length: 9 minutes.

Released: September 1, 2011.


So Wasted

BEN: A drinking story for anyone who has heard too many drinking stories.

Length: 1 minute.

Released: August 1, 2011.


Captain America is an Ass Hole

BEN: The implications of Captain America's origins are troubling, but only if you think about them for more than five seconds.

KEVIN: act which, by itself, misses the appeal of Captain America.

Length: 1 minute.

Released: July 27, 2011.


Alien Zoo

BEN: When you're imprisoned in an alien zoo, there's time to ponder life's important questions.

Length: 4 minutes.

Released: June 28, 2011.


Evil Twin

BEN: I challenged myself to make a five-second film.

KEVIN: You failed. 9 ≠ 5.

Length: 9 seconds.

Released: June 22, 2011.